A Brief Summary Of Toward The Light

- Light and Darkness, the primary forces
- Thought and Will, the primary elements of consciousness
- The emergence of God
- The origins of creation
- Love as the essence of creation, and of God
- The emergence of the first spiritual beings
- The creation of the universe and the star systems
- The creation and emergence of life
- The creation of humankind, including the origins of the physical body
- Free will and the evolution of spiritual life on Earth and beyond
- The struggles between Light and Darkness and the eventual victory of the Light
- The true story of Jesus of Nazareth, his teachings, and his mission on Earth
- The roles of other spiritual leaders throughout history
- The importance of forgiveness – and the ultimate forgiveness of those spirits who sank the deepest and fostered the greatest evils

- The ethical and spiritual laws given by God for the universe, for all creation, and for the progress of mankind.
- Advice for leaders in all areas of human life, including lawmaking, politics and religion.
- The importance of forgiveness at all levels of life, on Earth and beyond.

III. SPEECH OF GOD’S SERVANT: An exhortation to all mankind to listen to God, to listen to one’s conscience, and to create lasting peace among all nations and peoples.

IV. PARABLES: Spiritual lessons to bring us greater wisdom and insight.

V. COMMENTARY TO ARDOR’S ACCOUNT: Explanation of the laws and principles behind the story in Ardor’s Account.

VI. CONCLUDING SUMMARY: - Further explanation of God’s laws, the ways in which they work, and the nature and components of consciousness – including the manner in which the human brain interacts with the eternal spirit, and much more!

VII. POSTSCRIPT: How this book came into being, the spiritual beings involved, and a clear, concise description of the true God of unconditional love and eternal compassion – as contrasted with the limited interpretations of God endemic to so many scriptures.