Thought and Will
The Primary Elements Of Consciousness

THOUGHT and WILL are the two main elements of consciousness. Like Light and Darkness, Thought and Will have always existed. There is a fundamental symbiosis between the two, as they are interdependent, and creation itself depends upon them both. Their roles are complementary: For example, to create anything, whether abstract or concrete, a thought must first emerge in order to inspire the Will toward action or creation. Likewise, within every human being there is a component of Thought and one of Will; our Thought contains the concepts, feelings, intuition and imagination necessary to inspire our Will to bring it forth into manifestation. Thought is also the female element of consciousness, where emotions are rich and profound. Thus, Thought contains the seeds of creation; Will is the manifester of creation. Will is the male element of consciousness – and although it is the dominant element, it cannot function without the constant presence of Thought as its basis for activity.

Concurrent with the understanding of Thought and Will are the matters of free will and mastery of thought: All individuals think and act differently because of the exercise of their free will - given by God to enable us to make choices and learn for ourselves. Along the way we are confronted with Darkness in order to learn to strengthen our Will and direct our Thought toward the Light – thereby learning to become the masters of our minds.

In God, Thought and Will are in perfect balance. It is the goal of every one of God’s children to evolve spiritually to the point at which Thought and Will are in a state of balance. When this has occurred, one can no longer be affected by Darkness. Through many lives on Earth and through learning in the spiritual realms, we are thus given all the time necessary for our evolution.

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