The Universal God

God is one, universal, the source of all creation, and the source of unconditional and eternal love for all. There is no one who is not in God’s heart; He loves us all equally. The source of compassion, God is constantly watching over us, carrying each of us in His Thought in joy or sorrow. God is also the source of justice, giving us every chance to learn and to evolve with as many Earthly incarnations as necessary.

Through God’s original struggle to overcome Darkness, He emerged as a Spiritual Being – the source of all Love. Thought and Will merged into a single, harmonious entity of Light – a radiant and glorious Being, incomprehensible in its perfection.

The spirit of God is a perfectly balanced combination of Thought and Will, Female and Male. The reason for referring to God in the male form is that in the spiritual world Will is the power of manifestation, that which is brought into being; thus it is a linguistic convenience, but only in our Earthly languages.

Out of the Love that arose in the heart of God came creation – and so out of Love the Universe and all life were born.

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