The Origin of Humanity

Out of Love, God created thousands upon thousands of spiritual beings. In the Light, they lived for eons in harmony, joy and peace. Much time passed; God had the thought of creating new beings. At this point – at a time when they were ready – God announced to his first-created children that some would be chosen to lead these new beings. The ones chosen for this task would be those with the patience to wait until God created His new children. It was at this moment that God’s first-created children were confronted with Darkness – so that they would learn to gain mastery over their thoughts and become mature and fully responsible personalities. Without such learning, they would have remained immature, unaware of many aspects of life and the universe. At this point they had a choice between waiting patiently and humbly – a choice inspired by the Light – or becoming impatient and arrogant, a choice characteristic of Darkness. Some became impatient, gave in to their arrogance and chose to create new beings on their own. They tried to create life out of the Light, but could not do so; it was then that they decided to create out of Darkness. It had been God’s intention that his newly created children develop through the Light in much the same way as his first-created children, but as Darkness was released over the Earth by the impatient thoughts of some of His children, God’s plan did not proceed – because of the exercise of free will by some toward Darkness rather than the Light. Despite God’s warnings, these children of God thus created the first human beings.

As these new creatures had bodies created out of Darkness, they were not everlasting. And as they had no Thought and Will, they had no ability to learn and evolve – and wandered the Earth as the “living dead”. A few of God’s children who had participated in their creation, however, felt remorse about what they had done and prayed to God to help their wretched creatures. God responded by giving human beings a spark of His own Being – a newly created spirit for each one, with Thought and Will and eternal life! The earliest human beings thus began a journey through multiple lifetimes on Earth.

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