The Nature Of Love

Love is the essence of God. In the center of the Light is Love. The reason God created the universe and life itself is Love, as it is in the nature of Love to be shared and not to exist alone. Love is everlasting, unconditional, and immutable; it is at the core of all life and all consciousness, and constantly flows through us all. Through love we are linked together in one spiritual family, as we are all God’s children.

Love is the wellspring of forgiveness, and knows no bounds. No one is excluded from God’s love – nor is anyone excluded from God’s forgiveness, no matter how deep one’s sins. This is because Darkness, by its nature, is always overcome by the Light; words and actions that stem from Darkness, therefore, can elicit remorse – which stems from the Light – and be forgiven, as forgiveness is also of the Light. It is thus in the nature of love to be forgiving.

Love is at the core of all wisdom; one would not desire wisdom without a wish for the world to be a better place – and how could this be so if not for the presence of love? Concurrently, love transcends all borders – including those of one’s enemies. How else can one heal ancient disputes but through love – the love given to us by God, the love that binds us together as eternal brothers and sisters?

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