The human body is mortal and the development of the eternal spirit is lengthy; God has therefore made use of the conditions of life on Earth to educate us - as in a school. Each lifetime is an opportunity for learning and spiritual growth. When the spirit has fully rejected the influence of Darkness in all respects, no more incarnations are necessary. Through many lives on Earth, therefore, we learn – through the use of our free will – to make choices, experience the consequences of our words and actions, and when necessary atone for our transgressions against others or ourselves.

The fundamental law of God during our time on Earth is that we reap what we sow, for either good or bad – and that we always have opportunities to learn from our errors, as well as opportunities to create greater joy and happiness! Whatever our thoughts and deeds, they will always come back to us, for good or bad. This is the Law of Retribution – which, however, is nullified if the transgressor – through remorse and prayer – is forgiven by God and by human beings. Because God is Love, the Law of Compassion overrules the Law of Retribution when one has truly repented of any hurtful words or actions. Forgiveness, however, can be granted only by those who have been offended, as well as by God; it cannot be obtained by “proxy” – as, for example, in the belief that Jesus of Nazareth died for our sins.

In order to ensure that we learn and develop in a conscious way, we are reborn as human beings only – never animals or plants, who – unlike us – do not have the ability to make conscious choices, but rather follow their instincts. In addition, male spirits are incarnated as male human beings, and female spirits as female human beings – the difference having primarily to do with the portions of thought and will, female spirits having a predominant portion of thought and male spirits a predominant portion of will. A human being, through the use of free will, can at any moment choose to emphasize one or the other side of one’s nature.

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