In prayer we reach out to God not only for help but also to be uplifted – that we may gain greater wisdom or peace. In prayer we seek help for others, which brings the Light not only to those for whom we pray but also to ourselves. In prayer our Thought and Will meet with the Thought and Will of God. No words are necessary for prayer – God hears the longing in our hearts, which if sincere will always reach God’s ears and receive its answer. No belief in God is even necessary in order for God to hear our thoughts, because of His unconditional love for us all! All prayer, however, must stem from the depths of one’s heart; prayers recited simply by habit or custom are meaningless to God. And prayer for selfish goals or for victory over others will fall on deaf ears! Prayer is the wellspring of our love for God, and of God’s love for us. And through prayer we not only connect with the spirit of God but with our innermost selves, the spark of Light that was born of God. Most important of all is the prayer that God’s Will be done!

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