Light and Darkness
Fundamental And Powerfully Magnetic Forces Of The Universe

LIGHT is an everlasting force of cohesion, order, regularity, healing, unity, inspiration, guidance, tranquility, free will, positive energy, hope, love, and life. At the core of all Light is love. It was love that inspired God to create life, beauty, and the universe as a whole.

The particles of Light are the finest, and are invisible to the human eye, although visible to the spiritual eye; but the cohesion of all particles occurs because of the Light – whether visible to us or not. Spiritual light can inspire us – for example – toward love, compassion, tolerance, or peace.

The Earth, and life, can be compared to a large tapestry, whose threads – despite conflicts and natural disasters – are interwoven into a single whole, held together by a constant stream of Light. The beauty in nature and the ongoing evolution of life are made possible because of the presence of the Light.

DARKNESS is a force of dissolution, chaos, irregularity, sickness, divisiveness, deception, conflict, compulsion, negative energy, fear, hate, and death. Spiritual Darkness can influence us toward evil, while material Darkness is the substance from which that which we see with human eye is made. Although it is the particles of Darkness that we see with the human eye, those particles are bound into regular forms because of the Light; in this way, the elements of Darkness now essentially serve the Light.

If we had a universe entirely governed by Darkness, there would be no evolution, rampant chaos, and ever-increasing destruction, leading to eventual dissolution. Darkness has been conquered by God Himself; it is now our journey to overcome Darkness through our own spiritual evolution. Although Darkness has been conquered, however, it has not been eliminated. Over a long period of time, Darkness – which is in any case not everlasting – will diminish and will eventually disappear through absorption by the Light.

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