What Is Toward The Light?

Toward the Light is a message of universal and unconditional love and compassion for all humanity.

Revealing facts previously unknown about our origins and our relationship to God, this book explains how the universe as created and how it is sustained.

Explaining the true role of Jesus of Nazareth and other spiritual leaders throughout history, Toward the Light is also a source for the eventual reform of all religions – and a guide to the evolution of our spiritual and ethical psyche. It is also a clear message of unity – that we are all children of God, one spiritual family - and must therefore lay down our arms and live as the brothers and sisters we have always been!

There are two supplementary books as well:
Questions and Answers I & II, and The Doctrine of Atonement and the Shorter Road.

There is also a book written by the original publishers entitled Some Psychic Experiences, with stories about their experiences leading up to the publication of Toward the Light.

For readers in Danish – in which language the books were originally written – Hilsen til Danmark, or Greetings to Denmark, is a collection of fifteen poems by deceased poets of the “Golden Age” of Danish poetry (including H.C. Andersen), as proof that intelligence survives the death of the human body.

Please note that Toward the Light does not promote any particular religion, nor is it a religion itself; it is rather a universal message conveying the deepest understanding of the universe, and of our responsibilities to ourselves, to others, to nature, and to God. Read it with an open mind - and tune in to your own center of truth, for God compels no one to believe anything, even one’s own conscience!

May God be with us all!