Dear Reader,

We invite you to read this extraordinary story, unprecedented in our history. From the beginning of time to the unknowable future, TOWARD THE LIGHT is a story with the power to enlighten us all - regardless of who we are or from which origins we may have come. Unimpeded by the prejudice of history, this book – and its three supplements – answers questions that have been asked for centuries, and can serve as a guide through the greatest and deepest challenges of life.

Unlike the judgmental images of God presented in many scriptural texts, the nature of God is described here as one of unconditional love, universal compassion, and eternal acceptance of every spirit regardless of one’s current life situation. In this, and countless other ways, TOWARD THE LIGHT represents a major paradigm shift in thought and in understanding, away from the old ways of exclusivity - each group assuming that its own scriptures represent God’s Thought - to the new way of knowing that we are one spiritual family and that all scriptures are interrelated in the basic principles they have in common. Unique to this book is an explanation of forgiveness at its deepest level. A story about our origins and our purpose on Earth, TOWARD THE LIGHT is a torch held high to illuminate the way forward for every human being.

The world has been in turmoil for thousands of years. Are we not looking for peace? Are we not looking for greater love and compassion? Are we not looking for an explanation of why life is hard for some and not for others? Are we not looking for a higher understanding of who we are and what we are doing here? This book has the answers to these and many other questions!

With many blessings,

The Foundation for Toward the Light